Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thriving Community

Lead a chic urban lifestyle in a prestigious community
Home sweet home. Alam Puri is designed and planned for the comfort of professionals. Surrounded by lushly landscaped pocket gardens and beautified streetscapes to create the perfect paradise within this thriving community

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wong said...

hi, i was told that the project is going very fast & near completion & way ahead of shcedule? & its is true that the same developer doing the 1 sentul project near by, its seems very fast as well, who is the developer ?
I called ......alam puri 5 units left .....same apply for 1 sentul, you have got unit, i intend to buy alam puri which is more seclusive & verty comvenient..KTM station , ths is way of life in future way of life like singapore , i love it !